Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Lovely Fall Day

We celebrated the last sunny beautiful day of fall this last week with Birthday golf.  We did very well, Pete lost two balls and found two balls, and Holly  lost two balls and found three, so we went home winners.

Lisa Morrish and Holly went to market to see what they could see.  Holly bought some applewood smoke cheddar, smoked pork chops and an apple fritter just to fritter away the day.  Lisa bought some apple cider and also ended up frittering away the day.... ahh the delicious foods of market day.

Speaking of delicious food.... Did you know that you can buy worms in a can, out of a vending machine, just as if you were to buy a can of coke.  Guess what is in the silver can in the above picture. That is right ...... It is a can of worms, and we opened it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Where have we been for the last 2 months?

Many things have happened over the last 2 months, unfortunately I don't remember any of it.  Summer ended, and it is fall now, I believe my favorite time of year.  It is quiet, and the air is slightly cool, leaves turn spectacular colors.  And it begins a series of celebrations, starting with our Anniversary. We had big plans for the day, and they got squashed.  So we made more big plans.  We decided to start with breakfast out, followed by canoeing, followed by a fancy dinner.  Here is a video and some pictures.


This sun flower has nothing to do with the anniversary, we just saw it on a bike trip to the ice cream store.

Tess likes to sleep by the portrait of herself.  She can't stop admiring how lovely she looks.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Camps & Heat & Humidy, Oh My!

Hello Everyone,
Summer has finally arrived and all the work preparing for the Summer Camps is done, though not necessarily completed. We have been experiencing hot, humid weather through out the last two months and it makes the work more difficult. To cool of we have resorted to Ice Cream parlors around town. Here is Holly choosing one from 24 flavors,

Holly has put together a "Kids Day Camp" for GBCC. This is a new program for GBCC and will run 4 weeks, M-F, 8am - 5pm, with children ages 6 - 10. Part of the activities is an animal care program so she needed animals, (insert joke here). She located 2 Guinea Pigs, a Rabbit and a Pygmy Goat. Here are some photos:

This is "Pancake"

This is "Cookie"

This is "SniggleFritz"

Of course we don't work 24/7, so we planned a trip to Buffalo, NY to do some shopping and mail some documents. Here is Holly, who managed to find a matching bag to carry her purchases.

Here is another "Ice Cream" trip, with a short walk to a covered bridge in Guelph where two rivers merge into one.

We have a 'Climbing Wall' at camp. Here is one of our summer staff climbing during our training class to become certified to work with the kids camps.

We also received tickets to a Blue Jays game and got to see 3 innings and downtown Toronto. The Rogers Centre is quite impressive, nestled in between the tall towers and the CNN Tower. utube has a neat video of this stadium being built and how the movable roof system operates.

This is "Gideon". He is the last addition to the animal program. At 12lbs and 13 weeks old he is quite the handful. He was raised around people and LOVES being around kids. But does not like being left alone. He has managed to jump, climb, crash thru any pen / corral / or fence we have built to contain him. He is currently staying in our backyard and Tess is happy to have a friend to play with.

That's all for now. We have 2 days off and spent the first morning sleeping late. Camp is hard, long work days, but being around the energy of the groups is encouraging.Thank you for your prayers, we will update again!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm Weather At Last!!!

 Well, the warm weather has finally hit Canada and we can all come out 
of our igloos and get some new skin cancer. No doubt 
our relatives from Saskatoon will be visiting soon.
 The warm weather means that the "Camp" is getting 
very busy with guests. We have a full schedule ,
(with only a few multiple days off together), from now until mid October.
 Long days, short nights and constant battles with forces we cannot see.
 Tess & Boo Boo got a much needed trim and have their pool filled for those 
wild "Pool Parties" with the neighborhood dogs, cats & squirrels.

We  enjoy the various restaurants in the area. One such place has an appetizers with 
multiple dipping sauces called "Tower of Rings", You can see why:

Holly has been studying and preparing for the first year of "Day Camp". 
We had a group of young men, from South Africa, come for a week and do some volunteering for us. 
They helped to demo and old building, seen below.

This building was an old wash house from the 1950's. Here it is shown 1/2 demolished. 
We will be rebuilding it for use as the "Day Camp" Centre.

 Team "Work Your Way".

Pete has completed the much needed "Kitchen Remodel" 
and has moved on to repainting the Swimming Pool



He has also; opened up the Cabins, is preparing to rebuild a "Craft House", 
and spent long days mowing the lawn which seems to grow 3" over night.

Holly has found time, (between on line auctions), to continue her art work.
Here are some of her latest pieces.

And last but not least, a photo of the day our new friends departed.

Thank you for your continued prayers, we will keep our camera's close by 
and hope to post to you again soon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome to the launching of Landmark Video.  Also known as, "How we amuse ourselves" These are vidoes that we shot from some scenic places in our area.  Some of the "history" we may have made up a little. We basically point the camera and say "Go" and the person just has to start talking.  It is how to have fun on a budget. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Spring Everyone!
Birds are chirping, Buds are blooming, Bugs are infesting, Pete's busy building. One of Pete's big projects was putting a new ceiling and exhaust hood in the kitchen.  It started on the outside roof and ended in the inside.

Just for fun, to see what the secret world of animals is doing this Spring, we put Pete's game camera up at "Ground Hog's" house. "Ground Hog" keeps a very tidy front porch.  His home is by the pool, and we often catch him in his Hawaiian shirt and straw hat lounging by the pool.


Much to our surprise,  he is friends with "Bunny Rabbit" and "Black Cat".  It is pretty sad when a ground hog has a more active social life than you do!

One warm day a herd of butterflies swarmed the area.

Trying to capture the flitting creatures on film, kept Holly occupied for a while.  Let's see what else are we missing for a Spring post?  Oh yes flowers.


And for the grand finale',  We had the best Easter Dessert ever........... at the best neighbors ever, The Morrishes.  See their blog at


This is called Chocolate- Carmel Trifle with Raspberries.  The Carmel cream is made by caramelizing sugar, letting it harden,  processing it into a fine powder.  You mix it into warm milk and egg and boil till it turns to custard. Finally you fold it into whipped cream. There is a chocolate gnache drizzled on the cake as a layer too. Fresh raspberries. Five "M's" for  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  !

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hanging Things on our Walls

February has been a good month to decorate boring walls. The bathroom known as "Pete's" needed a curtain; so a questionable curtain was created using a fabric remnant & pheasant tail feathers.

Next a little ambiance was added to the dining room with a couple of candle holding sconces. Notice the romantic glow... look close. ( I asked Pete how to spell ambiance and he said "n-i-c-e", I thought that was funny)


In the bedroom we added some pictures. Holly did the drawing and Pete picked out the framing. Another team effort rewarded with ice cream. Yeah!!!!


When we ran out things to put on our walls, we framed this picture, (which Holly drew), of "Chester" and sent it over to our neighbor, Peggy, for her to put on her wall. {Pete is secretly tricking Holly into completing a new art work each week, then he plans on opening an online art gallery where he can pawn them off. This is his new retirement plan}. 

 Tune in next week as Holly attempts to purchase artwork online, (an original pastel from a complete stranger), from the the UK. You'll get to see her convert Canadian dollars to American Dollars, then to euros, overpay on the shipping, and then try to get a refund. And, Yes, it will be one more thing to hang on a wall.
 We also are going to start a new feature called, "Landmark Video's". So don't miss that. 

We're all looking forward to the end of winter.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Fun

Yay we did something. We went cross country skiing. Last October we found a cross county ski instructor on Kijiji (Canada's Craig's List) He set up a December date. December came and snow. Then on to snow. Finally he suggested we drive up to the snow. So last weekend we took about a 2 hour road trip and met Dan and Joan for a lesson. We were not sure what to expect.

Holly fell A LOT. It hurt a few times. Pete did very well. It was a 3 hour lesson and very much worth the money as Dan and Joan give all kinds of information.

After a beautiful day of falling, I mean skiing, we headed home to whine about how sore we were and were to become.