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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Fun

Yay we did something. We went cross country skiing. Last October we found a cross county ski instructor on Kijiji (Canada's Craig's List) He set up a December date. December came and snow. Then on to snow. Finally he suggested we drive up to the snow. So last weekend we took about a 2 hour road trip and met Dan and Joan for a lesson. We were not sure what to expect.

Holly fell A LOT. It hurt a few times. Pete did very well. It was a 3 hour lesson and very much worth the money as Dan and Joan give all kinds of information.

After a beautiful day of falling, I mean skiing, we headed home to whine about how sore we were and were to become.


  1. XC skiing is the best!! I went this weekend in Colorado. I'll email you a photograph. We'll have to go XC skiing together - cousins skiing and falling and skiing and falling