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Pete n Holly's World
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hanging Things on our Walls

February has been a good month to decorate boring walls. The bathroom known as "Pete's" needed a curtain; so a questionable curtain was created using a fabric remnant & pheasant tail feathers.

Next a little ambiance was added to the dining room with a couple of candle holding sconces. Notice the romantic glow... look close. ( I asked Pete how to spell ambiance and he said "n-i-c-e", I thought that was funny)


In the bedroom we added some pictures. Holly did the drawing and Pete picked out the framing. Another team effort rewarded with ice cream. Yeah!!!!


When we ran out things to put on our walls, we framed this picture, (which Holly drew), of "Chester" and sent it over to our neighbor, Peggy, for her to put on her wall. {Pete is secretly tricking Holly into completing a new art work each week, then he plans on opening an online art gallery where he can pawn them off. This is his new retirement plan}. 

 Tune in next week as Holly attempts to purchase artwork online, (an original pastel from a complete stranger), from the the UK. You'll get to see her convert Canadian dollars to American Dollars, then to euros, overpay on the shipping, and then try to get a refund. And, Yes, it will be one more thing to hang on a wall.
 We also are going to start a new feature called, "Landmark Video's". So don't miss that. 

We're all looking forward to the end of winter.


  1. WOW! Neat blog and GREAT art work. We like Pete's idea of forced production and profitable sales.

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    I will be posting new images by the end of the week!