Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter's Tight Grip

Well, winter is still here, and in January we experienced a few days @ -25 degrees. With such cool temps, Holly has started her art work, and here are two completed works. The sketch of Tess is her next project. If one looks familiar she studies by coping famous works like Homer's.

In mid Jan. our Pastor and his wife were invited to Ireland for a 13 day trip, and they asked us to watch their two children, (boy 13, girl 11), while they were away. So we were quite busy feeding, directing, shuffling off to school, making dinners and doing homework. It was something different for us, and we survived just fine........ the children made it too.

Here is our property...only 3' deep snow drifts are keeping us from visiting. The snow just keeps adding up & up, with this year having a record snowfall. Maybe next year will be mild for us.

Pete had his hernia surgery 1-24, and was housebound for a few days after that. He is just now, (2-5), getting around with ease, but on 2-11 he will have his right ring finger operated on to repair ligament damage suffered last Sept. The Dr. will put a metal rod in to support the finger while it heals, (about 4 weeks), then 4 more weeks of therapy. By then the temps should be rising and spring will be near.

We hope to be able to get busy building a home for ourselves before next winter, so we are anxious to have warmer weather as is the rest of the State. Along with the extreme cold, we have had days like today where it was 41. Not too bad.