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Pete n Holly's World
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!
We had a great December visiting Ma and Pa Stover for Christmas. It was their 50th Wedding Anniversity Christmas. Our flight out of Williston was delayed by 3 or 4 hours so we missed our Denver connection.  We were then re-routed through Vegas where we stayed up all night in the airport and caught a  morning flight.  It took us about 24 hours to fly from Williston to Phoenix.
We are enjoying snow storm after snow storm and an unusually warm winter here.  The coldest it has been so far is -14

Tumbleweed Christmas Tree in Arizonia

"YEAH! The Duck, we are so happy!"

"No Dad, let me explain thermo-nuclear hyper-bolic propulsion, again

The Christmas pickle is a Stover family tradition that supposedly comes from our German heritage.  The pickle is hidden in the Christmas tree and the children search for it.  Whoever finds it is rewarded with a special present.  This year it was a crisp 20 dollar bill and the lucky winner was Laura, Robert's wife.  The youngest participant this year was 38 years old give or take a year.