Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
Thank you Karl! Click the above picture to see his work!

Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Years Already!!!!

Hello All

Yes! Our 5 year Wedding Anniversary arrived. 
We celebrated by visiting Grand Canyon,
 by railway!

We drove the 1.3 hour drive to Williams, AZ and the train depot.

We traveled 1st Class for the two hour ride to Grand Canyon Village.

We arrived @ 11:45 AM!

1st look is always breathtaking!

We even hiked down into the canyon a bit, 
through the archway cut into the rock.

An Artist at work!


We returned to Williams just before sundown and 
had dinner at "Cruiser's Diner" on Route 66.
Good food and live music!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Recent Events & News

Hello everyone! 
It's been awhile since we posted an update and a lot has happened.

We entered the summer with Holly back East visiting friends and GBCC while Pete remained in 
AZ looking for work and inching forward on his Contractor license.

Prescott had its 150 year birthday celebration in May and a 150 SF cake 
was made so all could take part in the celebration!

We spent the July 4th attending The Worlds Oldest Rodeo! 
This rodeo has been going every year since 1888.

Here's a clip of some action!

Holly continues with her Art Career with new pieces and a new website! 

Go there to see more of her talents. She hopes to start blogging there 
with thoughts, tips and info about her latest projects.

Here are some new items!

 Katie P Wedding

 Relaxed Cat

 Ro Ro @ the Beach

Pete has been doing some work for a local Builder and income is starting to flow. 

He also has been busy getting his Contractor business ready to roll as soon as he is issued a License. 
Deciding on a name, logo and building a new website has eaten up a lot of time and effort.

 A new Name & Logo

His new website is:

He is already doing a weekly blog on his activities and work!
His license is in the hands of the state licensing board and under review. 

The "Monsoon Season" has begun here with heavy rains and winds. 
It also forces many creatures from their homes. 

Here is a Tarantula that was just 5' from our back door. He was 6" in diameter!

With summer here, Fall is close behind and Pete has begun scouting for locations to hunt. We took a trip to the Kaibab National Forest to do some hiking and scouting. Only an hour away, this area at 7000' elevation has cooler temps than our home. This area has Deer, Elk, Bears, and Mountain Lions too.

Saving the big news for last!
Holly has found full time employment as an "Art" & "Theater" Teacher for a Christian School.
She begins teacher prep work on Aug. 1st, with classes starting Aug 11th. 
Very excited and a little overwhelmed, she is preparing her lessons.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chalk It UP!!

A fun weekend event was the "Chalk it Up! festival. 
An open area downtown Prescott, where anyone could display there artist abilities. 

Of course we went, Holly put in 2 hours of work!

It was a two day event with a few professionals thrown in to inspire!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In John Wayne Footprints

Well, we are slowly getting settled here in AZ. 
Learning the area, where to shop, get fuel, etc., 
so we took a Saturday trip. 

We headed NE on a short drive "uphill" to the town 
of Jerome. An old mining town turned
 tourist & Art gallery happy. 
Nestled on a North slope 
the town has it's host of characters and unique shops too.

Town of Jerome

 The view North

 Downtown Jerome, The Rav parked in a great spot!

After having a lunch of Venison Sausage, cheese & crackers  AND a free show, 
we decided to continue north and see Sedona.

 Sedona scenery

 Gotta put those smaller rocks somewhere.

 The local tourist district. 
Alot to see, taste and enjoy!

 A local Co-Op Art Gallery

 Hey Partner, there's a new Artist in town!

 A Few John Wayne movies were filmed here, back in the day.

It never gets old looking at this!

We took the Interstate route back home, 70 minutes later we were home. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

40 Hours "To" the Desert!!!

Guelph, ON Canada

US Border crossing!

Rest stop Tennessee

Cold & Windy

5 am "I gotta go outside"

Starbucks! Yea!!!

Frozen Windshield cleaner in Texas???

Getting Boring!!!

Water bowl froze solid in 3 minutes!

What a butte!

The new views!

Home Sweet Home!