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Pete n Holly's World
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

In John Wayne Footprints

Well, we are slowly getting settled here in AZ. 
Learning the area, where to shop, get fuel, etc., 
so we took a Saturday trip. 

We headed NE on a short drive "uphill" to the town 
of Jerome. An old mining town turned
 tourist & Art gallery happy. 
Nestled on a North slope 
the town has it's host of characters and unique shops too.

Town of Jerome

 The view North

 Downtown Jerome, The Rav parked in a great spot!

After having a lunch of Venison Sausage, cheese & crackers  AND a free show, 
we decided to continue north and see Sedona.

 Sedona scenery

 Gotta put those smaller rocks somewhere.

 The local tourist district. 
Alot to see, taste and enjoy!

 A local Co-Op Art Gallery

 Hey Partner, there's a new Artist in town!

 A Few John Wayne movies were filmed here, back in the day.

It never gets old looking at this!

We took the Interstate route back home, 70 minutes later we were home. 


  1. Thanks for sharing about your excursion to Jerome and Sedona. How's the job hunt going for you two? Been praying!

  2. Hi, guys! Wow, amazing your journey and thank you for sharing! So do you have an address or have I missed it? Since you are closer now maybe we can get together. You are still a beautiful couple because Jesus shines through you! We love you!!! Lorrie and John