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Pete n Holly's World
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Monday, March 8, 2010

2/15 - 3/7/2010

Howdie Ya'll,
It has been a busy few weeks with wet, foggy, sleeting weather to boot.
We are both excited because we have decided to relocate to North Dakota, (yes, we know how cold it can get). Pete has 5 months work already scheduled and there is a carpenter / Contractor shortage in that area due to the recent oil boom and resulting housing shortage. CA home building hit the wall about two years ago with no resurgence in sight so we figure we will make a go of it there and see what God has planned for us.
We put our house on the "For Sale" block and have been moving at lightning speed to have it ready for showing. So far 2 buyers have been through. We also have been working on the Bailey Meadows Cabin to prepare it for sale. We have FINALLY completed sanding the floors and sealing them, (Pix will be on next post), and painting, replacing doors, completing siding, etc, etc, etc...
Now we are deciding what to sell, give away, or take with us as we plan to load up the modern covered wagons head to the northern plains. (Tatonka anyone??)

Many of you may be wondering what Holly thinks about all this. Mostly she think......" We are headed where?" She looked up the town of Williston to see what there might be to see. Well there wasn't much to see. Miles and miles of flat. She looked for a tree, but there was not a tree to found. She thinks it will be impossible to get lost. She will be digging up some of the Cedar saplings from the mountain and packing them into the covered wagon. Pete assures her that it is a hunter's dream. She thinks to herself.." but I am not a hunter, I like to chase the birds away." Then there is the weather. She heard that someone's niece lives there, and just for fun they boiled some water, walked outside and threw it into the air. It froze before it hit the ground. Ahh good times. But all and all it sounds like a good adventure and she likes to see new places and soak in new cultures. She plans to take up cross-country skiing, tree planting, buffalo watching and ice sculpture.


  1. Just don't go outside with wet hair!!

  2. At least "Meadowman" will be seen from a distance. Holly is a great one for adventure. I think she will do great ice sculpting. Maybe big hunter can bring home skins for her to tan and maybe make teepee. She is a great painter she could decorate them very good too. Anytime you want to ski cross country to NC we would love to have you both here. Have a great adventure. Keep us posted. Love Katherine (the two become one you know.)

  3. I was in Saskatchewan for college (right above North Dakota). It took some getting used to, but I grew to love it. There is something about the wind on the prairies that sounds like God's whispers. And if you can see Northern Lights, southern California will be just a happy memory.

    Interesting to here about your new developments.

  4. WOW!! This is cool info. I love your friends comments. Maybe John and I could live with the Northern Lights!? We are excited about your new adventure!!
    Thank you for our special day. We sure laugh a lot!!!
    Jesus loves you!!!! and so do we!!
    Lorrie and John:):)