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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

3/9/10 - 3/21/10

The past two weeks went quickly as we enjoyed a weekend
visit from AZ nieces and their mom and we have also been
doing needed work at Holly's "Blue Haven" cabin,
preparing it for sale. The work has taken longer
than expected as the flu has hit our area
and Holly had been its recent victim.
The weather has warmed a bit and blue
skies have made for picture perfect days.

Our Current skies included

For the past 18 months Pete has been volunteering
each week to remodel the local Community Center.
On 3-20 there was a "St. Paddy's" Fund Raising Dinner
to celebrate its grand opening. Holly volunteered to help
at the entry door writing out name tags. Too bad she had a
mental block and couldn't remember many
of our neighbors names, many of whom she has
known for 12 years.... maybe it was the cold tablets?
We had a good time!! and over $5500 was raised.

Holly helping out @ Community Fund Raiser

The new "Community Center"

Just a short post to keep ya updated.
Our next post should have pix of "Blue Haven",
as many have asked
to see the completed project
that began in 2005.
It's looking great and we will be
sad to say goodbye!!

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  1. Well, well, well...Holly I found you! You couldn't avoid me forever! I hope you are doing well...although I never hear from you anymore. (I take it personally...) I miss you and I know you miss me too...I'm still in Georgia...but probably not for much longer. If you ever have a chance, e-mail me. I'm glad you guys are doing well!