Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
Thank you Karl! Click the above picture to see his work!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

It's Autumn

Hello All!

Autumn is here and we continue to both be employed, 
Holly @ Trinity Christian School, (year #2) 
& Pete is @ the City of Prescott.

We have completed some home remodel projects through the summer.
Here are a few pictures;

 Our Guest Bedroom!
We did the flooring ourselves :)

Our Guest bathroom is getting new tile.
Pete continues to work on it.

Our new fence. 
This completed fencing in the yard so the dogs can run free in it. 

The digging was tough work, 
rocks, hard clay & 63 bags of concrete, 
but we finally completed it.

 AZ had a record year of rain.
Afterwards the sunsets are just beautiful.

 Holly is on "Commission" by her school to do some art work for their new library.
This is her first completed piece.

 Holly is getting ready for her Theatre classes Fall "Cafe Night" production.

Pete has been bowhunting in the mountain's south of Flagstaff.
Nothing yet.

Starting to do some Quail hunting with Tess too.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Settling In...

Hello All!

The last month has been a busy one for us.

Our house closed escrow in Mid-May and we began cleaning, 
doing demo work & moving into the home by the end of the month.

We are now in our new home and continue to work each day renovating it.

Here are a few pix;

 A new Knotty Alder door to the Master Bedroom.

 A busy Living room area with fireplace.

 The front entry.
Soon to be renovated with new steps.

 The view off our back deck.

 New Travertine flooring in Hall bathroom.

 Living room.

Kitchen area.

Holly is off work for the summer and doing a lot of "wall" painting & yard work.
Pete DID get full-time employment with the City of Prescott, 
so after working 7-4 he is busy each evening doing 
renovation work, fencing, window repair, tile work, etc.

We are still trying to settle in and figure out all that "neighborhood" stuff, 
but over all enjoying all that we are blessed with.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hello Everyone!
 We realize that many of you are looking forward to spring. 
We are too and many trees in our area are starting to bloom.

Holly had Spring Break and went to "Art Camp." 
A one week art class in Scottsdale where she discovered that 
the instructor and 15+ students were all Professional Artist 
just getting together for a week
before they return to their home states, 
buried in snow, somewhere else in North America. 

As usual she learned much, started many pieces, and 
returned home and slept for 18 hours. 

Here are some samples, unfinished pieces, for your viewing pleasure!

"Shorty Needs a Bath"

"Taking a Camel Break"

"Looking Back"

While Holly was in Scottsdale, 

Pete completed week #2 of his new position as a 
"Maintenance Technician" with a local municipality.

Being on the job only 5 minutes, 
he was given the keys to the City and told to go to work!

He threw his lunch box  into his truck and off he went,
 until retirement!
(Lord willing, 11 years, 6 months to go)

We also are house hunting and hopefully 
we will have a happy ending to that adventure come June.

Thank you for your continued prayers!
God has been and remains GOOD!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter Hike

Winter in AZ can be tough!
Two weeks before this hike we had snow & 2 weeks of cold temps, 
20 @ night, 35 in the daytime. 

After the temps rose we decided to take a hike, 1-24-15, 
to the Granite Dells area. This area is 8 miles north of Prescott 
& has two lakes, Willow & Watson, which are the local water sheds. 
The boulders in this area are very picturesque!!!

Tess ALWAYS leads the way. 
Even on narrow paths with steep drop offs! 
She has "No Fear"

No Compass needed!

The back side of Watson Dam!

Someone got hot and went swimming!

A good time, exercise and 60 degree day!

We continue to shop for a home, (many ups & downs on this journey).

Holly continues as teacher of Art & Theater, 
Pete is contracting, but a slow economy is making it tough to get work.

Thank you for your prayers!!