Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is the restaurant that Pete took me to for my Birthday.

And now the camera wars are on to see who takes the best photo.

The days have been very sunny and warm.  We are finally seeing the end of our busy season at the conference center and are looking forward to normal hours.  We have taken a couple of hikes to enjoy all the beautiful fall days.  It is Birthday month and Friday we are going to a hockey game to celebrate some more birthday.  It will be our first hockey game, so we will take Holly's new camera and have some blog pictures for your entertainment.  

Monday, October 3, 2011


A Couple of Saturdays ago, we joined the little piggies on a day trip to the St Jacob's farmers market. We enjoyed it quite a bit as they had LOTS of very tasty food. We purchased a few things just to get orientated to all the dining delights and future fantastic feeding. One of our favorites was a fresh acorn squash that we cooked with maple syrup, which we also purchased there. It was delicious. Next time we plan to purchase some 10 year old aged cheddar with some smoked sausaged. MMMM
Pete is in this picture, can you find Petealdo?

Carrots Bugs Bunny would envy.

The amish come to market to sell many things from baked goods to fine horses, meat, cheese, honey and maple syrup.

Things that follow people, puppies and potatoes.

We will continue to check out things to see and do so that when you come to visit you will not be stuck in the house "helping" repaint the walls or unpacking boxes. Yes we are still working on that. If you come in the winter, that may be the "fun activity" scheduled. It is now dipping into the 40's which here is something like "11" or "4" whatever that means. It is 53 right..... now.

And this is the end of this weeks post.