Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just after Christmas

Christmas was merry, quiet but merry.  Holly's favorite part was the opening of gifts.  Pete's favorite part of Christmas was eating.  It was not a white Christmas but a muddy one.  We thought for sure we would have lots of snow.  The locals said it was VERY unusual not to have any snow.  However, yesterday it has started snowing and it is nice and white out now.   Hmm what else is going on?..... Writer's block.....Can't even think of a fake story. I had better post some pictures; they are worth a thousand words.

Tess wanted to be on the blog, so here is a picture of her.

Today we were slightly productive. We decided to hang pictures. It was time to commit. We decided to dedicate one wall to all our photos. It is organized chaos, an eclectic style of decor..... I always try to be elegant or sophisticated in my style, but usually end up with crazy lady.... Ahh well, at least we are one step closer to making the house a home. I have finally discovered that I have a fear of commitment. Putting all those nails into our freshly painted wall was almost more than I could handle. Lucky for me, Pete has no such problems and it was, "Wham! Hand me another picture." Pete also said that marriage has been such bliss because we have never hung pictures together. But,when it was all finished, we were blissfully happy again. I know that it doesn't look like much of a project, but believe me it took half a day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Trip to Florida

We traveled to Florida to visit with Pete's Dad and Sigrid. They were very excellent host and showed us around to the local sites. Sigrid prepared us a very special Peking Duck dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving with her daughter and family. Below are some of the sites we saw.

Of course we saw alligators, not any real ones however.

Turns out even batman has retired to Florida.

Even though it wasn't the 80 degrees we were hoping for, we were still able to visit the beach a few times.

One day Richard and Sigrid took us took St. Augustine where there is an old fort built by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine from invading pirates and many other invading countries over the years.
Pete and his Dad

Lucky for us Pete knows how to fire canon balls. Pirates didn't stand a chance.

We also visited Amelia Island and went Kayaking.

 After battling an 17 mile east wind we turned in our kayaks for something a little bigger... with an engine.
A good time was had by all, and we returned  rested and not too prepared for the 20 degree weather with light flurries of snow.