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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Trip to Florida

We traveled to Florida to visit with Pete's Dad and Sigrid. They were very excellent host and showed us around to the local sites. Sigrid prepared us a very special Peking Duck dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving with her daughter and family. Below are some of the sites we saw.

Of course we saw alligators, not any real ones however.

Turns out even batman has retired to Florida.

Even though it wasn't the 80 degrees we were hoping for, we were still able to visit the beach a few times.

One day Richard and Sigrid took us took St. Augustine where there is an old fort built by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine from invading pirates and many other invading countries over the years.
Pete and his Dad

Lucky for us Pete knows how to fire canon balls. Pirates didn't stand a chance.

We also visited Amelia Island and went Kayaking.

 After battling an 17 mile east wind we turned in our kayaks for something a little bigger... with an engine.
A good time was had by all, and we returned  rested and not too prepared for the 20 degree weather with light flurries of snow.


  1. You kids are having entirely too much fun in life. At least you're doing better than Moses: was able to leave Egypt, make it through the wilderness (took him 40 years; you did it in 1), but didn't make it across the border to the promised land and you did. Thanks be to a gracious sovereign God.

  2. Hey, Alan and I stayed in St. Augustine on our bike trip way back when....what a fun town. We also biked through Amelia Island! Looks like you had fun!