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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm Weather At Last!!!

 Well, the warm weather has finally hit Canada and we can all come out 
of our igloos and get some new skin cancer. No doubt 
our relatives from Saskatoon will be visiting soon.
 The warm weather means that the "Camp" is getting 
very busy with guests. We have a full schedule ,
(with only a few multiple days off together), from now until mid October.
 Long days, short nights and constant battles with forces we cannot see.
 Tess & Boo Boo got a much needed trim and have their pool filled for those 
wild "Pool Parties" with the neighborhood dogs, cats & squirrels.

We  enjoy the various restaurants in the area. One such place has an appetizers with 
multiple dipping sauces called "Tower of Rings", You can see why:

Holly has been studying and preparing for the first year of "Day Camp". 
We had a group of young men, from South Africa, come for a week and do some volunteering for us. 
They helped to demo and old building, seen below.

This building was an old wash house from the 1950's. Here it is shown 1/2 demolished. 
We will be rebuilding it for use as the "Day Camp" Centre.

 Team "Work Your Way".

Pete has completed the much needed "Kitchen Remodel" 
and has moved on to repainting the Swimming Pool



He has also; opened up the Cabins, is preparing to rebuild a "Craft House", 
and spent long days mowing the lawn which seems to grow 3" over night.

Holly has found time, (between on line auctions), to continue her art work.
Here are some of her latest pieces.

And last but not least, a photo of the day our new friends departed.

Thank you for your continued prayers, we will keep our camera's close by 
and hope to post to you again soon.

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  1. There had better be a blog about canoeing in Canada soon, or I'm coming to take it back!