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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Spring Everyone!
Birds are chirping, Buds are blooming, Bugs are infesting, Pete's busy building. One of Pete's big projects was putting a new ceiling and exhaust hood in the kitchen.  It started on the outside roof and ended in the inside.

Just for fun, to see what the secret world of animals is doing this Spring, we put Pete's game camera up at "Ground Hog's" house. "Ground Hog" keeps a very tidy front porch.  His home is by the pool, and we often catch him in his Hawaiian shirt and straw hat lounging by the pool.


Much to our surprise,  he is friends with "Bunny Rabbit" and "Black Cat".  It is pretty sad when a ground hog has a more active social life than you do!

One warm day a herd of butterflies swarmed the area.

Trying to capture the flitting creatures on film, kept Holly occupied for a while.  Let's see what else are we missing for a Spring post?  Oh yes flowers.


And for the grand finale',  We had the best Easter Dessert ever........... at the best neighbors ever, The Morrishes.  See their blog at


This is called Chocolate- Carmel Trifle with Raspberries.  The Carmel cream is made by caramelizing sugar, letting it harden,  processing it into a fine powder.  You mix it into warm milk and egg and boil till it turns to custard. Finally you fold it into whipped cream. There is a chocolate gnache drizzled on the cake as a layer too. Fresh raspberries. Five "M's" for  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  !

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  1. Did Mr. Ground Hog see his shadow amongst all his friends. I had a Mr. Beaver when I lived in Stockton. He even let me pet him a couple of times. He wasn't soft and furry.