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Pete n Holly's World
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Camps & Heat & Humidy, Oh My!

Hello Everyone,
Summer has finally arrived and all the work preparing for the Summer Camps is done, though not necessarily completed. We have been experiencing hot, humid weather through out the last two months and it makes the work more difficult. To cool of we have resorted to Ice Cream parlors around town. Here is Holly choosing one from 24 flavors,

Holly has put together a "Kids Day Camp" for GBCC. This is a new program for GBCC and will run 4 weeks, M-F, 8am - 5pm, with children ages 6 - 10. Part of the activities is an animal care program so she needed animals, (insert joke here). She located 2 Guinea Pigs, a Rabbit and a Pygmy Goat. Here are some photos:

This is "Pancake"

This is "Cookie"

This is "SniggleFritz"

Of course we don't work 24/7, so we planned a trip to Buffalo, NY to do some shopping and mail some documents. Here is Holly, who managed to find a matching bag to carry her purchases.

Here is another "Ice Cream" trip, with a short walk to a covered bridge in Guelph where two rivers merge into one.

We have a 'Climbing Wall' at camp. Here is one of our summer staff climbing during our training class to become certified to work with the kids camps.

We also received tickets to a Blue Jays game and got to see 3 innings and downtown Toronto. The Rogers Centre is quite impressive, nestled in between the tall towers and the CNN Tower. utube has a neat video of this stadium being built and how the movable roof system operates.

This is "Gideon". He is the last addition to the animal program. At 12lbs and 13 weeks old he is quite the handful. He was raised around people and LOVES being around kids. But does not like being left alone. He has managed to jump, climb, crash thru any pen / corral / or fence we have built to contain him. He is currently staying in our backyard and Tess is happy to have a friend to play with.

That's all for now. We have 2 days off and spent the first morning sleeping late. Camp is hard, long work days, but being around the energy of the groups is encouraging.Thank you for your prayers, we will update again!!!


  1. I think you need a Donkey for your animal menagerie!

  2. As always, I enjoy reading your blog! It is so fun! Miss chatting with you Holly and am glad to see you're doing well in Canada :) Peace and blessings to you --- The Bookmobile trainer ;-)