Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Is Winter Over?

Well, with the recent time change, we have hopes of spring arriving soon. We received a good amount of snow in February. Could it be the last snowfall of the year? The locals say no! We always get a heavy, wet snowfall in March.
Anyway, here are photos of how it looks!

 Our view out front!

 Our view out back!

 The Camp's wooded area never disappoints.

 Walking the "Tess"! 
Always on Squirrel patrol.

 Century Lodge

 The Volleyball court remains quiet. 
We are considering making this area a skating rink next winter.

 The snow piles higher!

Our entry driveway makes you feel you are in the country!

 Pete's shop!
He stays dry in here building cabinets for our recent Office Remodel.

The Pool House won't be accessed anytime soon.

Unfortunately, Pete slipped on an ice patch and aggravated his Sciatica condition. We have been traveling to London, Ontario for treatments. (about 3 hours round trip). He is mending and starting Physiotherapy treatments here in Guelph.

 Holly has decided to be "Keeper of the Cold Virus". She has struggled to get rid of it, but "it" has a solid grip on her. She has started taking an art class to fine tune her skills. That story deserves it's own post.

We have a short period of no guests at Camp, but that will soon end and there will be no relief until September. We do enjoy being busy with groups & guests as that's what the Camp is here for. As we thaw out & get outside more we will dust off the cameras and post some updates.

Thank you for your prayers!!!

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