Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

November and December and January.
November for Pete was "Fun with Leaves"  He couldn't leave them alone.  Enjoy the live action in the following video.

After all the fun with leaves we took our leave and spent a few days in the Blue Mountains.  As always we wandered from snack to snack.  We enjoyed Beaver Tails, very delicious, and seafood.

Eating is pretty much what we did in December as well.  It started with Holly and her trusty assistant Lisa teaching a chocolate truffle making demonstration.  Below is a picture of Holly asking Lisa, " Did I put in one cup of cream or five ? ???"

Holly's first Art show courtesy of Pete's Framing and Hanging.

Properly prepared for eating, we headed to Mom and Dad's for the celebration of Christmas.  Good eats, beautiful trees and lights, presents and family fun.

They were hunting for snails in Grandma's garden... in case you were wondering.

After Christmas fun we headed into the wild west where we ran into a little trouble with John Wayne.

but in the end Pete won the day and walked away with the girl.  We then had to make a run for the border and hid out with friends and family in California.

  We are back in Canada where winter has finally decided to show up, Looking foward to our next big story.

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