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Pete n Holly's World
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January ZZZZZZ

The most exciting thing to happen this month, besides the flu, is that Pete installed a new dishwasher in our kitchen. YAY. Very exciting.

We found this dishwasher at the local Restore store. A habitat for humanity used construction, furniture, general home improvement goods store. For 25.00 dollars we took the gamble not knowing if it works or not. I still don't know as i actually hand washed the dishes last night and don't have anything to put in it yet.
As my mother can attest too, I have always HATED doing the dishes. Why? I don't know. Just do. Maybe it is because it turns my hands all prune-like.

I remember when I was a child growing up with the brothers, we had chores. Chores of all kinds, including.....doing the dishes. I was convinced that I had to do them more often than the brothers. Extremely not right. They were convinced they did them just as much as me. I was so positive that I was right that I decided to prove it scientifically so I could not be accused of having an over active imagination. I made a chart and hung it on the inside of a cupboard door. There were 3 columns with 3 names. Ever time someone did the dishes, I gave them a mark in their column....... Well as it turns out, my column started to collect more marks than the other two. Unfortunately this experiment was not able to be completed because the chart mysteriously disappeared. I don't want to accuse anyone of stealing the evidence, but I have always wanted to ask David what happened to that chart.....

This walk down memory lane was brought to you by Cousin Candy.