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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our First Few Days Oat and Aboat

We are settling into our new home. Things are beginning to feel very homey. The last couple of weeks we have been working pretty long hours, and that is our excuse for neglecting the blog. Poor little neglected blog.

This is the river that runs through Guelph. We don't know the name of it yet, but maybe you can be the one to name it.
One of the first community activities we participated in was...... a ribfest! Of Course. The ribs were quite delicious.

This lady got in an argument with one of the pigs at the ribfest over the quality of her dinner. The pig refused to be baited into a debate.

This car was on display at the ribfest. It is just like the chick magnet Pete drove in highschool.
Pete, the hunter, has camouflaged himself has a pole in order to sneak up on these wiley birds, the one species of bird he has yet to bag; he is so close.

A rose from our back yard, and our backyard on a fall day.

The trees are starting to turn to bright colors, and I am sure that we will soon post pictures of the trees with their fall leaves
Tess is enjoying her new doggy door and this is "the end" of our update. Get it?


  1. Is "oat and aboat" Canadian for Out and About? Love the blog's "ending." Pictures of inside the house, please! What is your snail mail address?

  2. holllllyyyyy stover. delicate flower. tater tot. black sheep. it is I, Smoresie-poo. aka Heather Graham. i cant find your number/email/you, anywhere. i was starting to think you became a frozen goat wrangler somewhere out in the tundra. i miss you. send me an email.

  3. Ha! Ha! I'm not sure if you're trying to make a funny Canadian joke or if it's the usual problem of not being able to spell!

    Hey, look who has high speed internet now....jh