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Pete n Holly's World
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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Trip Up North, which was really South

First we had to put all of this.......
Into this moving van.

The loading of the moving van went pretty well. We were delayed a bit the next morning with finishing up, but not too badly. Our first major destination was Sheffield Iowa to visit the farm and town where Holly's father grew up.

Downtown Sheffield, where "Frankie" was the terror of the town.

This is the farm house and one of the barns of the famous family farm. The family that now lives and farms the place were super friendly and invited us in for the evening. We enjoyed a great conversation over chocolate cake with red rasberry sauce made from berries grown on the farm. MMM Delicious.

The town was surrounded by corn fields, in fact the whole state was surrounded by corn fields. Many a small child has been lost in these fields. They eventually are found, and the only damage done is they suffer from a desire to tell really corny jokes the rest of their lives. I am clearly a decendant of a child lost in corn.
We stayed one night at a KOA cabin, very cozy, quiet and peaceful. Our next stop was Ohio, where Pete was born and raised, and Holly's mom grew up. We stayed with Pete's brother and sister-in-law. It was a great time and a chance to rest and relax.
Karl and Diane, Pete's brother and sister-in-law. The next stop was the border.
We spent about 2 hours here. All and all things went rather smoothly. All that was left was to follow the signs to Guelph. Which we did.

This is where we now live. We still have not unpacked a thing. We have been painting and painting and painting from sunup to sundown. It is a nice comfy little house with plenty of room for guest. So get your passports and come visit. Boo Boo says "Hi Candy", and Tess is too busy on squirrel duty to say Hi to anyone.


  1. Looks like Iowa and Ohio are a great place to live:-)

  2. "Is this Heaven?" No, this is Iowa!" The farm house looks exactly how I remember it from my childhood- how wackadoodle is that?! Hi right back at ya, Boo.

  3. Cute house. How nice the lawn and the shrubs look too. :)

  4. That house is adorable! ~Laura