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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Is A Good Thing We Own a Canoe

Here are some pictures from around Williston.

Above is a picture of a rain storm headed our way.

Williston is experiencing contained flooding, but the river has not seeped into the town.  There are many, many flooded basements due to an unusually high ground water table.  It is not at the stage that Minot and other North Dakota cities are experiencing.  Those cities' rivers are being flooded by water from several Canadian rivers that all run down into a couple of American rivers.  Canada has released water from 3 different dams into one american dam and all that water is now headed into the city of Minot.  It is not working out too well for Minot.  The crest is expect for tomorrow, Sunday June 26th.  They have already lost 1/4 of the city.

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