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Pete n Holly's World
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Monday, May 30, 2011

New month, New home

Tess is tired of being rained on. Water, water, everywhere. We have moved to our trailer and are now being held hostage in the trailer by rain. Today is Monday, Memorial Day and we were hoping to enjoy the great outdoors, but instead Pete and I are just staring at each other. I never noticed that the iris of Pete's left has just a smidgen more burnt umber color than the right eye.
We did have one day when an umberella and slicker weren't necessary. The beautiful skies are something to see here.

We are very proud to be trailer living. This is our backyard.

This is our front yard. Notice "Rump Tower" We had a Waste management incident, so Pete order the green and gray building to be added to our estate. Notice how it is secured in place by rope and stake. That is life on the windy prairie. We now have his and hers bathrooms. Aren't we fancy.

Here are a few more pictures of the house Pete is building. He is getting closer and closer to being finished.

If ir doesn't stop raining, I may have another post tonight, entitled "Things to do while trapped in a 30 foot travel trailer"

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  1. Why don't you Skype your cousin in California for something to do?!