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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011

Howdy everyone.  Above is Holly's attempt to "draw in Spring"
Yesterday, handy Pete made a bird feeder to attract the birds of Spring for Holly to enjoy,  but it seems to only attract snow.

 Pete has begun to demolish the $1.00 house with the removal of the siding off of the garage and sun room. These rooms will not be making the move with us.
 Today we headed out to do some golfing.  We are very dedicated to our new sport.  Holly has learned about hitting "worm burners".  It is her favorite golf term to date and what she hits best.
Below is a video clip of Pete golfing on April 17th.  Holly was a littlle off on her acuratly reporting the facts of incident.
With spring now here, the large winter snow's have melted and now the flooding begins. Many roads are impassable and others are just wrecked because of the crumbling asphalt. The actual moving of the $1 house will be delayed due to load restrictions in place until warmer weather. (a few weeks at the most).
There have been nice days in the high 50's and sunset is not until 8:30pm so we do enjoy getting outside.
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  2. Boo Boo is a good golfer for a blind dog!