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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Global Warming? NOT

 Well, you can tell by the title that Spring may be here, but not the warmer temps. We continue to be in the teens with a few days getting 40 or so and another 7" of snow just last week. The area is 7/8" short of breaking the hundred year record snowfall. We'll beat it yet!!!
 If you have been following our blog, the developers completed the purchase of the property we are living at on March 11th. Prayers have been answered as we had a place to live through the winter, then God saw fit to have the developers give us the house. Yes, that's right give us the house. Well, a lawyer got involved and we signed a purchase agreement for the home for...(are you ready)??????

 a $1.00 home!!!

This is the actual home. 24' x 65'.

We are now setting up, while waiting for warmer weather, to build a foundation and get the permits to have the house moved to our 1 acre property 6 miles away. (Just West of Williston with a view of the Missouri River, sort of).

 Holly has been busy doing more art work!!!!

Our truck is attaching itself to the ground via liquid sunshine in it's solid state.

We have been busy moving our personal belongings to the house and unpacking a few more items. We have to wait until May 15th for the load restrictions to be lifted on the roads so that the house may be moved. Thank you for all your prayers.
The days are quite long already with sunrise @ 7:30am, and sunset @ 8:30pm on average. When we arrived last June sunset was @ 9:30 - 10 pm. The entire region is VERY anxious for the warm weather to come. It has been a long winter with the local's doing the most complaining. Newspapers are filled with stories of the building plans of various oil companies and residential grow expected this summer.

Can't wait to BBQ...Take care all!!!


  1. a dollar, what year is it there?

  2. wow. a dollar goes along way in ND

  3. Can I live in the $1.00 home that Holly is standing in front of?!

  4. You should sell your artwork!