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Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fall is here...

Hello all, well it's been a long time between post but we're making an effort now. We have been living an interesting life the past two months.

October was birthday month for us and we thank all of you for remembering us.

And it also meant the beginning of upland hunting. We have been out a few times and have tasted the Pheasants and Sharptail Grouse which are plentiful in this area.

The weather has turned colder and we got the first snow fall of the year in a blizzard the last week of October. We got about 4" of snow but with the strong winds it drifted to 3' in many areas. We were still able to spend the weekends at our property as the temps dipped down into the low 30's.

Then a co-worker of Holly's came to us and offered us her family farm house to house sit through November.

This home sits on 8 acres in the city limits. It's like living in a house in the middle of a football field. Her co-worker has the home up for sale so it is only a temp. spot for us. Little did we know that 4 days after we moved in, the co-worker got an offer on the property which she couldn't refuse. Thus our stay here will be shorter yet. OR WILL IT, there will be a 60 day EPA study, followed by a 30 day escrow, so we have at least 90 days to enjoy it's comforts. Please pray for some sort of house to become available for us to endure the remainder of the winter in. We haven't moved all of our furnuture in yet because of the circumstances, but we are enjoying having a place of our own while it last.

Work on the Sime house is good. Pete got the doors & windows in, the roof shingles are on and he is waiting for the electrian to hook up the home so that the radiant floor heat can be turned on. He will have an enclosed place to work at over the winter.

Holly's "bookmobile" is having the decal work done now, so we hope to have some pix of it when it is completed in about a week.
Today it is 22 outside and we are expecting an "Alberta Clipper", (google it), and another cold week. One of many more to come. We thank all of you for your prayers and hope to be more in touch as we now have our own place, (and Holly gets tired of Pete always winning at rummy card games).

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