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Pete n Holly's World
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy September! Fall is the best time of year. Pete has been busy building, and Holly has been busy driving books here and there.

Today in Williston we woke to frost everywhere. Tonight the low will be about 25 degrees, we are well on our way to -40 below. Yeehaw.
Pete's building project is progressing nicely. It has been hampered by many rain delays, but last week it didn't rain once, or did it? The first picture is of the basement and the next three are of the main floor were taken this morning in the frost.
The most exciting thing that has happened this month is the fields across the way caught fire in about 8 spots, and we all grabbed shovels and pounded it out. Leon on his four wheeler was the most effective running over the edges of the fire, using his air pressure water tank. It was all very "Little house on the Praire catches fire."

This is a sunset taken from our lot in life. We are preparing for winter by insulating the water pipes and the trailer. We will tarp the the trailer and drain all the pipes and tanks once things start getting seriously cold, which will probably be in October.

Don't drive and take photos. Notice no one is watching the road.
Oh Dear! I forgot the most exciting thing that happened this month. We celebrated our first year anniversary......... by working mostly. But we did take time out to eat a box of delicious Godiva chocolates generously sent to us by Ma and Pa Stover. I would post a picture of the beautiful truffles, but we ate them all.
The following are a few scenic photos of today's

And this last picture is of a handsome man, outstanding in his field........


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  1. Thanks for the update. I thought of you on your anniversary, but of course didn't think a head to send you Chocolates!!!
    That was such a fun day!!!!!You still look like newly weds.