Pete n Holly's World

Pete n Holly's World
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hello Blogger Friends. Summer is flying by. Some exciting things that have happened so far are, Pete is getting a tan. Holly has started yet another career. This time she has taken on the role of mild mannered librarian, bookmobile librarian to be exact. Holly got her first speeding ticket and Pete paid for his wife's first speeding ticket. Pete is excited about the rain letting up and the beginning of construction. He has been able to get utilities brought in. We found a church and are beginning to get to know new friends. We found that the chocolate eclairs at Economart are delicious. Below is a picture of our lot in life. Pretty nice huh?

Summer time is fair time in North Dakota. We stopped by the local fair and were forced indoors by a rain storm. Holly disguised herself as a small child so that she could color while waiting for it to stop raining. Holly is being told by a 5 year old where she can and can not use her red pen.
The following are a few friends that we made at the fair.

Mr. Bunny
Little Piggys.

A Bunch of Bears
Mr. Long Tongue.

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  1. Your "lot in life" looks like it has potential! Even some trees. So good to "see" you Holly. I miss ya!