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Saturday, June 26, 2010

North Dakota news...

As most of you know we have moved to Williston, North Dakota. We departed CA on May 27th, after a few mishaps with the towing arrangement. This was our covered wagon train. We spent the first evening in the desert, just north of Las Vegas. We enjoy desert camping and this would be our last chance to experience the desert until ??? Three more days of cross country travel brought us into ND on May 30th. We are currently staying with the Sime family; Leon & Laurali, Jenna, Kaelyn & Lacy. Pete is going to be building them a new home on their existing 28 acre, rural property.

We unloaded our "stuffed" moving truck, (we still left a lot of items behind in CA), and the next day headed to Grand Forks, ND, (nearest dropoff location, 5.5 hrs to the east), and spent the night at the "C'mon Inn", (see above photo). A really classy, comfortable place with locations in the upper west plains areas.

The next day we returned to Williston and spotted this old, abandonded church and had to stop. There are hundreds of abandonded farm houses, barns, churches, etc. all over the state. All victims to the advances in farming over the last 100 years.
North Dakota has many lakes & rivers to enjoy boating & fishing so it wasn't long before we hit the lakes. Here is Holly catching her 1st fish in many, many years. We're having it mounted into a key chain. She wasn't to thrilled to go fishing, but did have fun and has been asking when we can go again.
We closed escrow on our property the week we arrived and wasted no time in errecting a mail box to start receiving mail. We are now waiting for your letters.

This will be our new tempary home on the lot. We are waiting for the electric, water and sewer companies to come to the lot and hook us up, pipe us in,
and map us out. We expect it to be about another month. Patience is required in such things.

While we patiently wait, we have been out seeing the sights. This is a view of Fort Union from the Missouri River. You are probably asking yourselves," Now how did they get that picture?" Well funny story....We were kidnapped by mountainmen reenacting the Lewis and Clark expedition of 1804. See video below.


  1. I love the video!!! I can't wait to see more of them. Your new home looks very cozy! Keep us posted on your new adventures.

  2. Thank you so much for the photos of your life in ND. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your adventures

  3. So neat to see the photos & updates.

    How we s'posed to send you letters if we don't know the rest of the address. . . 140 What? ;)

    I am praying for all your work & time up there. Looks like you are enjoying your grand adventure!!

  4. Hey you're back! I'll send you a letter if you send me a letter :) Well, I might send you a letter anyways.